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Admissions at ATVI

The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) is committed to its role as a provider of high quality, accessible secondary level education, related services, and job placement programs. ATVI is dedicated to educating, training, and serving the most promising students in Afghanistan.

ATVI's application process comprehensive and requires applicants to have earned the following:

  • High school diploma or Vocational school diploma
  • Clean academic record
  • Clean behavioral record

Students who meet prerequisite requirements will be invited to participate in the ATVI entrance exam. The exam is coordinated by the ATVI Department of Student Affairs and the Department of Technical Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education. The entrance exam is announced one month prior to its application to ensure its confidentiality, as ATVI is dedicated to providing a fair and equal opportunity for the advancement of Afghan citizens.

ATVI specializes in educating Afghan citizens from Kabul and surrounding provinces. Those interested in attending upcoming semester courses should contact the ATVI Admissions Office.

To apply, prospective students can pick up an application at the ATVI Admissions Office of ATVI.
Contact #: +93(0) 700 20 90 48