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Vehicle Maintenance Services

The ATVI Vehicle Maintenance program and its state of the art facilities will be publicized throughout Kabul for both local corporate businesses and international agencies. All businesses with vehicles providing transport and other forms of use will be sought out in order to procure vehicle maintenance contracts for the ATVI program. ATVI's Vehicle Maintenance sector will also pursue vehicle maintenance contracts with the Government ministries, specifically the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education in Afghanistan. ATVI's Vehicle Maintenance students, overseen by professionals in the industry, will have the training to provide the latest, most technologically advanced vehicle maintenance services.

ATVI students and instructors are committed to providing clients with the highest quality products and services that address all aspects of the vehicle maintenance needs. ATVI's seven state of the art vehicle bays and auto shop equipment will attract major businesses and government entities in Afghanistan not only because of the skills and technologically advanced tools the Institute possesses, but also due to the significantly smaller cost of labor for services in comparison to the rest of the market in Afghanistan. ATVI's Vehicle Maintenance program will provide customized inspections and repairs that fit the mold of each individual business and/or government entity.