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Training Services

The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute prides itself on its capacity to specialize in providing both customized and standardized training and wish to extend this skill to those outside the Institution.

In addition, since the ATVI Training Service Program has been developed to benefit both the client as well as the Institute, companies will be charged by ATVI for utilizing the Institute's specialized training services. ATVI's standard training will also be offered to the public and private sector by placement officers. Standard training at ATVI includes services taught in the ATVI curriculum that is required for all students in the four sectors. The private companies and/or government entities will be charged for these services provided for by ATVI. The staff providing training services will be separate from ATVI faculty members. Trainers will be recruited from diverse backgrounds including academia, corporate Afghanistan, and government entities, as well as the best and brightest self recruited ATVI graduates. ATVI's goal is to present its clients with learning modalities that match their unique working environments and goals. In this way, ATVI can provide either customized training or off the shelf standard training appropriate for each individual learner or group.