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Recruiting Services

The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute also provides recruiting services via their relationships with the local corporate community and the Government of Afghanistan. ATVI's Recruiting Placement office is staffed with specialists who promote the capabilities of the ATVI students to Afghan corporations and government.

ATVI Managerial Training Program is not a free service; private sector companies and government entities will be charged recruiting fees for skilled labor that they seek. ATVI's team of recruiting sales people and placement officers are prepared to respond to their client's demand for labor in:

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • ICT
  • Horticulture
  • Construction

Currently, due to a lack of trained supervisors, Afghan companies are seeking out engineers and higher level management to fill these lower level positions. Consequently, these same construction companies are significantly overpaying for their first level supervisors. As graduates of ATVI's Managerial Training Program, the ATVI alumni have the skill and preparation to enter the market as first level supervisors.

The recruitment staff will supply local demand by matching students and recent graduates with respective businesses and governmental units. ATVI's recruiting services will cyclically support the Afghan workforce and the progression of the personal economics status of both students and employers by making the most resourceful utilization of skills provided and skills needed.