ICDL Program

ICDL Program

The ATVI International Computer Driving License (ICDL) program is a global computer literacy initiative developed to raise the level of information technology knowledge; and competence in personal computer use and create common computer applications for Afghans. The central goal for this program is to mandate ICDL certification for every government employee within Afghanistan. In collaboration with ICDL, ATVI will provide the training facilities, testing, and certification for the Computer Driving License Certificate. ICDL Training will provide significant growth and development in the private sector by setting a standard of computer literacy in the country. A computer literate public sector, specifically, the employees of Afghan ministries, will quickly demonstrate greater efficiency and benefits for operations in managing its business and in serving private sector clients. This will, in turn, create conditions that make the Afghan economy much for attractive to investors. Thus, a standard for computer literacy will serve as a model in promoting the growth of the private sector via the training and education of the public sector.

ICDL Objectives

The objectives of ICDL in Afghanistan are to:

  • Improve Government of Afghanistan employee productivity raising the level of knowledge about information technology, as well as the level of competence in using personal computers and common computer applications;
  • Promote e-government to improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing and administering government departments;
  • Establish a computer competency standard for current and new employees;
  • Improve time management through certified training in computer literacy to improve proficiency, as well as reduce IT support costs;
  • Increase returns from investments in IT;
  • Reduce the inherent risks in recruiting, hiring and promoting employees;
  • Motivate staff, their self-esteem and sense of achievement;
  • Provide a recognized qualification that allows those certified to become bonafide members of the information society

ICDL Background

The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is for anyone who needs to demonstrate to an international standard that they are fully competent in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications and that they know the essential concepts of information technology.

The ICDL Certification Program awards certificates to persons who have passed a test on the basic concepts of information technology and six practice-based tests. These tests are administered using a personal computer and common computer applications. The seven test modules include Concepts of Information Technology (IT), Using the Computer and Managing Files, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Presentation, and Information and Communication

Owned and coordinated by the European Computer Driving License Foundation Limited (ECDL-F), a not-for-profit organization based in Dublin, Ireland, the ICDL is an internationally recognized certificate. It demonstrates a person's competence in computing knowledge and skills in accordance with international standards. ECDL (European Computer Driving License) and ICDL are synonymous and identical standards apply to both. The ECDL-F has produced a set of standards and quality guidelines that govern the procedures for the ICDL concept and ensure that it is operated in a consistent fashion in all member countries.