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ATVI Horticulture Services

Administered by local horticulture professionals, the ATVI Horticulture students will provide landscaping and greenery services for public and private sector clientele.

The ATVI Horticulture Services Center will specialize in:

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Water Management
  • Planting Design
  • Crop Production
  • Garden Design

Clientele who work with the Horticulture Services Center are provided many benefits their competition cannot match. Benefits include:

  • Consistent physical and chemical growing conditions for client greeneries
  • Maintain considerably low and competitive prices for services equal to other landscaping firms in Afghanistan
  • Provide quality products, tools and services to fit each client’s needs

From start to finish, the ATVI Horticulture students and instructors will achieve superior results in all of their projects.