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ATVI Construction Services

ATVI's Construction Service Center will provide services for construction companies, individual and private sector building projects, and smaller construction projects with the Government of Afghanistan. The construction students, managed by professionals in the industry will have expertise in the areas of masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electric and plumbing work.

ATVI's Construction Trades sector will provide professional services for the three phases involved in contract construction; preconstruction, construction, and post construction.


  • Scheduling
  • phasing plans
  • estimating
  • budget/cost-modeling
  • regulatory investigation
  • zoning and code compliance
  • value engineering
  • subcontractor pre-qualifications
  • status reporting


  • Scheduling
  • self-performing concrete
  • quality control
  • safety management
  • subcontractor management
  • status reporting
  • change management


  • certification of occupancy
  • as-built documentation
  • commissioning/warranty programs
  • moving services
  • building operations

As a leading modernized technical program, ATVI's Construction Trades students and experts will provide clientele with considerably efficient and reliable output services at costs lower than competing construction trades service companies in Afghanistan.