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In order to build a self sufficient, income generating institute, ATVI will incorporate profit centers as a major sector of its operations. The profit centers are thriving and lucrative businesses within this premier institution of education. By providing skills to ATVI students, the Institute is training an internal workforce. The utilization of trainees’ expertise within the public and private sector will not only generate income for the Institute but will also aid in the training and future employment placement of the students. ATVI profit centers include Vehicle Maintenance, Construction Trades, ICT Services, Horticulture Services, Recruiting, Training centers, and the ICDL certification.

For Business Services inquiries, please contact at ATVI Info Email Address ( ).

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Software & Net House

The ATVI |SNH (Software & Network house) specialize in Software Development, Web Development, Database Development, IT Solution and Networking Services...

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ICDL Program

The ATVI International Computer Driving License (ICDL) program is a global computer literacy initiative developed to raise the level of information technology knowledge; and competence in persona...

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Construction Services

ATVI's Construction Service Center will provide services for construction companies, individual and private sector building projects, and smaller construction projects with th...

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Horticulture Services

Administered by local horticulture professionals, the ATVI Horticulture students will provide landscaping and greenery services for public and private sector clientele. The ATVI Horticulture Services...

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Recruiting Services

The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute also provides recruiting services via their relationships with the local corporate community and the Government of Afghanistan. ATVI's Recruitin...

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Training Services

The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute prides itself on its capacity to specialize in providing both customized and standardized training and wish to extend this skill to those outside the Institution...

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Vehicle Maintenance

The ATVI Vehicle Maintenance program and its state of the art facilities will be publicized throughout Kabul for both local corporate businesses and international agencies. All businesses with vehicles providing transport...

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