Graphics Designing

Course Description

Computer illustration and graphics introduces candidates to the computer’s use in visual communication the focus of the course is on basic computer terminology and user, mastering fundamental skills, and developing efficient working styles. These skills are then developed by creating work with imaging, drawing, interactive, designing and page layout software. The course includes organized learning experiences that incorporate a variety of visual art techniques as they relate to the design and execution of layouts and illustrations for advertising, displays, promotional materials, and instructional manuals. Instruction also covers advertising theory and preparation of copy, lettering, posters, produce vector illustrations, graphics and logos, and artwork in addition to incorporation of photographic images.

Communication skills will be emphasized through the study of effective methods used to design products that impart information and ideas. Advanced instruction might also include experience in silk screening and air brush techniques as well as activities in designing product packaging and commercial displays or exhibits.

Course Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend (Wed & Thu)
Duration 30 Days 7 Weekends
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day
Training Fee 3000 /- 3000 /-
Course Outline