Math & Physics Department

Math & Physics Department is one of supporting departments for all core departments of ATVI.

For more information or inquery, please feel free to contact the head of department.

Head of Department :
Taj Mohammad Nazari
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Departmet Profile

The objectives of the department are:
  • To develop students’ knowledge in math and physics
  • To teach mathematics & physics in accordance with MOE’s curriculum
  • To develop math & physics instructors’ knowledge by conducting seminars, workshops and lectures
  • To provide updated textbooks and lesson material to students
  • To provide lesson plans for math & physics in accordance with the lesson plans of the world’s international institutions
  • To teach math & physics to the students of each department relevant to their fields of study
  • To prepare students to apply math & physics in their practical fields

Science math & physics are the most basic subjects for all educational fields. Students can learn their professional studies using these subjects. This department acts as a facilitator to all other departments by teaching math and physics in accordance with their fields of study. This department is a general science department in ATVI which actively takes part in teaching math, physics and statistics to all natural science departments in this institute. This is because they cannot reach their goals without studying these courses.

Currently this department has ten members including two masters and eight bachelors. We have developed our syllabi in accordance with the standard curriculum of MoE. It should be mentioned that our syllabi are different for each department and have been developed according to their needs. Besides math and physics that students are studying in their assigned courses, we have also provided supplementary chapters and extra teaching materials for them. For example, a supplementary engineering physics chapter for construction students, statistics chapters for business management students, gravity test machine on weights, spring constant tests machine and so on.


  1. Conducting supportive courses to students who are in low level of math and physics
  2. Providing textbooks, supplementary chapters and teaching materials to students
  3. Providing seminars and workshops to students
  4. Encouraging the students to actively take part in their studies
  5. Providing extra tables of material properties


Math and physics are the most important courses for all fields of study especially for construction, automotive, computer science, horticulture, and business management that we have in ATVI. The curriculum which we have developed for these departments are MATH I, MATH II, BUSINESS MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS I, PHYSICS II, & STATISTCS. It should be mentioned that the syllabi for these courses are developed based on the requirements of each department. Beside the courses that we have for these departments, we also teach some supplementary chapters which contain topics relevant to their fields of study along with applications.
First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Maths I
Physics I
Maths II
Physics II
Business Mathematics
Staticts II

Future Plans

  • Creating an experimental Lab for physics
  • Increasing more practical examples and problems for each department based on their needs
  • Math & Physics department is planning to create MATH III course for construction, computer science, and automotive students
  • Improving the instructors’ level of English so that they could use the updated English books and material which exist in the library in order to improve the students knowledge

Plan Implementation

As it is mentioned above, the requirements for the implementation of the future plan activities of the English Department are as follows:
ATVI administration shall help us to create a Lab, and recruit one or two experienced technicians to perform the laboratory experiments to students
Instructors shall provide more practical problems and examples to students to help them be successful in their practical fields
We can create Math III course for the above mentioned departments only if ATVI, TVET, and the mentioned departments agree to make this change in the curriculum

The factors which will help us in implementing the plans are:
  • Direct cooperation and agreement of ATVI
  • Recruiting professional instructors
  • Providing textbooks from authentic resources of the world
  • Having modern laboratory equipments