ATVI Library and Resource Center

ATVI library was established in 2009 by cooperating about 1600 books from Asia Foundation.

ATVI Library is one of the full and complete library and resource to Students, It has almost every department's Books, and References and also more Advanced Books.

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Library Profile

ATVI library was established in 2009 by cooperating about 1600 books from Asia Foundation. The existing library has been divided into sections according to different fields. There are books for different fields such as, Business and Management, Engineering, Mathematics, English, Agriculture, Islamic Books and Quran Sharif. As well as short novels, that can usually be used by English Department. Even though the library has limited study area, but it can be responsive for at most all members and few students at the same time. the library was established for the following purpose:

  • Providing the necessary information (reference materials and research programs) and making them available to all beneficiaries (staff, teachers and students) in the appropriate time.
  • To provide access of resources and information services necessary to support the learning, teaching and research activities of the instructor.
  • Teaching the students and the staff in the use of the library and to develop their information skills
  • Providing academic environment for students and teachers to study.
  • To work at affording and organizing balanced sets of books and other information sources to go hand in hand the institute curriculum and presents the researchers and beneficiaries using both traditional and modern (electronic) library methods

The library provides the following facilities:

  • Even though the study area is not extended enough but the library can provide study area with some disks and chairs for both use of faculty and students.
  • The library provides computer and internet facilities for hostel boys and girls. Sometimes faculty member can use these computers for their academic use
  • Although the library is small and is not a calm study area for faculty members, library gets faculty members to borrow the existing books in and outside library.