ICT Department

ICT ( Information Communication technology ) or know as Computer Science Department, is one of ATVI leading and core departments.

For more information or inquery, please feel free to contact the head of department.

Head of Department :
Mirwais Sharzad
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Departmet Profile

Main objectives of ICT Department is as following:
  • To provide skillful students to the society.
  • Serving all other departments in IT field.
  • Train student according to the demand of job market in databases.
  • Preparing students according to the market demand in Open source.
  • Polish students according to the market needs in Networking.
  • Cultivating students according to the demand of market in Programming.
  • Promoting students according to the demand of market in Web Development.

Since we have designed our curriculum according to the need and requirements of Market, therefore it fills all the criteria such as database, programming, web design and development, open source softwares and network administration. According to the standing of market our students will able to work in different fields such as network administrator, network officer, IT officer, database office, MIS assistant, web developer , web assistant and so on.

Students receive appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help public and private IT sectors of the country. Besides ICT Department, our instructors teach sub-departments such as Horticulture Department, Business Management Department, Construction Department and Automotive Department as well. The department is equipped with necessary teaching and learning aids such as classrooms, computers, printers, scanners, projectors and network lab.

ICT department is a well-organized department with highly strict academic discipline. The main specifications of this department are:

  • Discipline/punctuality
  • Qualified/dedicated instructors with more than 3 years’ experience in the relevant fields.
  • Support of ATVI leadership/management
  • Teamwork and close rapport among staff
  • Facilitate all other departments with IT services


ICT department provides the following facilities:
  1. Environment: Well arranged/clean/well ventilated/bright classrooms, whiteboards, markers, chairs, fans, heating and lighting facilities, providing a very calm and pleasant environment to both teaching and learning process.
  2. Computers: Each Class is well equipped with PCs and having relevant software.
  3. LCD Monitors for Trainers: Each classes having LCD instead of projector
  4. Online Certification Materials: Providing dummy books and supplemental materials for international certifications.
  5. ICDL Certification: Providing training and test center of ICDL


First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Introduction to computer science Computer Network Object Oriented Programming using Java -I Advance Web Development (PHP)
Operating System - I Operating System - II (Linux) Visual Programming Software Engineering
Computer Application Programming using C++ Data Communication Network Administration
Computer Graphics Web Designing - I System Administration - I System Administration - II
Basic Electronics Database Concept using SQL Server Database Programming-I (Oracle Development) Database Pogramming-II (Oracle Administration)
Mathematics - I System Hardware Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Data Structure
English - I English - II Discrete Math Object Oriented Programming using Java-II
Civic Education - I Mathematics-II Civic Education – III English - IV
Patriotism Civics Education - II English - III Civics Education - IV
Patriotism Project

Future Plans

Our plan for the future is as follows:
  • Revising and upgrading the curriculum based on needs and market demand of public and private IT sectors.
  • Expansion of computer labs facilities and activities.
  • Bachelor program curriculum is under development to switch ICT program to B.C.S.
  • Likewise we have a plan to establish a test center for different international certifications such as Oracle/Java Certifications, Microsoft Network/Database/Programming Certifications, Linux and Cisco certifications.

The mentioned program will be implemented by ICT department staff. The facilities and materials/equipment/tools will be procured, installed and operated after getting the required funds. Those items of the plan which don’t require fund or can be managed with the available fund, will be started immediately. Other components of the program that need new fund will be implemented the moment we get the fund.
The following factors can help us in implementing our plans

Revision and upgrading: Revising and upgrading the curriculum will be arranged with the present facilities.
Computer Lab Expansion: Expansion of computer lab needs more equipment such as software and hardware tools.
Test Center: Establishment and installation of test center with license for international certification, computer lab and camera security proudly exists in our academic environment.
Tools procurement: For effective management pf computer lab and test center further donor aid is required