English Department

English Department is one of supporting departments for all core departments of ATVI.

For more information or inquery, please feel free to contact the head of department.

Head of Department :
Abdul Kareem Waseel
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Departmet Profile

The overall objective of ATVI English Department is designed to result in broad and well-grounded linguistic proficiency in the English Language. Students will learn the core structural elements of the language and gradually build up a vocabulary of its most common words and expressions Likewise, the students will be able to:
  • Master their field of study vocabulary terms and expressions.
  • Improve four language macro-skills that are listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated manner.
  • Be effective communicators in order to achieve personal and professional success.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically read a variety text with 70% accuracy.
  • Recognize, analyze and produce a variety of written text.
  • Independently conduct appropriate research using computer to access a variety of Internet and online English library sources.
  • Successfully apply study skills in academic life with the intent of these skills to become lifelong learners.
  • Demonstrate the ability to translate and /or interpret various texts with 70% accuracy.

English Department plays a vital role in applying ATVI major departments’ curriculum. English is the most important language for international communication today. Graduates without sufficient English communication skills proficiency will not be hired in the job market. English is considered to be the language of science and technology. Therefore, learning English is a must nowadays. The English language is of great significance for those graduates who have an ambition to further their higher education in English-speaking countries. The government and non-government organizations grant priorities to those graduates who have a high competence in the English language. Teaching English as a second language provides a golden opportunity for the students to gain access to educational institutions in which the medium of instruction is English. In job fair career, the employers generally seek applicants with a high level of English proficiency.

The English Department is a dynamic supporting department in ATVI. It delivers theoretical and practical English lessons to ATVI trainees. There are ten full-time faculty in the department. The department has a head, a deputy head and eight members, of which four of them are female faculty members. The English department is run by professionals whose qualifications, experiences and dedications are the icon of the department success. There are two master-degree holders and the rest of the faculty has Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. The faculty uses the most modern teaching materials and field of study terminology. We have an ESL studio where the students improve their listening comprehension skills. The materials taught fulfill the requirements of the job market.


  1. English professional and conversational skills betterment: The main purpose of ATVI English Department is to develop technical and speaking skills of the trainees.
  2. Availability of Audio-visual aids for improving listening comprehension skills: Listening means understanding the spoken language. It can only be enhanced through proper AV aids
  3. Received Pronunciation through International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): Unless you speak English correctly, people will not understand you well. Therefore, phonetics is vital.
  4. Provision of opportunities for the delivery of classroom presentations in English: Presentation skills acquisition is of vital importance in the current art of students’ professionalism.
  5. Systematic grammatical points delivery: In order to learn Standard English, grammatical points grasp is a must.
  6. Portfolio tasks: Performance of portfolio tasks provides possibilities for the students in order to develop their sense of creativity in English productive/ output skills, that is, speaking and writing skills.


First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Reading Subject: Concepts and Comments (an ESL Reader, Chapter 1-6) Reading Subject: Concepts and Comments (an ESL Reader, Chapter 7-12) Reading Subject: Concepts and Comments (an ESL Reader, Chapter 13-18) Reading Subject: Concepts and Comments (an ESL Reader, Chapter 19-25)
Grammar Subject: Parts of Speech Grammar Subject: Tenses (Active/Passive Voice) Grammar Subject: Conditionals / Kinds of Phrases Grammar Subject: Kinds of Clauses
Vocabulary Subject: Vocabulary Building for the Young Adult (Lesson 1-5) Vocabulary Subject: Vocabulary Building for the Young Adult (Lesson 6-10) Vocabulary Subject: Vocabulary Building for the Young Adult (Lesson 6-10) Technical Vocabulary / Field of Study Vocabulary: (150-200 Technical Lexis)
Composition Subject: First Steps in Academic Writing (Units 1-2) Composition Subject: First Steps in Academic Writing (Units 2-4) Composition Subject: First Steps in Academic Writing (Units 5-6) Composition Subject: Letter -Writing/ CV Writing /Email Writing and Memo Writing

Future Plans

We have future plans both for the faculty and students. CDP refresher courses will be convened to develop academic and professional instructional skills of the faculty. TOEFL courses are considered, budget permitting. Phonetics training courses will be held to improve the faculty pronunciation proficiency skills. Revision of the curriculum is also under consideration. Establishment of a well-equipped language laboratory and electronic library is a positive step for the students English proficiency betterment. We will invite native English speakers to come and deliver some lectures to the students in order to establish close interaction with them. It will be a good chance for the students to be familiar with the environments in which the medium of instruction is mainly English. We will try to establish close rapport with the American University of Afghanistan. It will provide an opportunity for the top-level students to further their education in the mentioned university

The top-level authorities of ATVI are well aware of TOEFL role and significance and have decided that whenever there is an opportunity for this function, they will do their best to accomplish it. Of course they have the plan to invite a specialist in this area and will convene it in due course.

As it is mentioned above, the requirements for the implementation of the future plan activities of the English Department are as follows:

  • Strong support of the ATVI senior management
  • Active involvement of the English Department team members
  • Well-equipped language lab/ESL studio
  • Exchange of visiting faculty with the relevant educational institutions
  • Of course, some financial resources are also demanded for the attainment of the expected goals.
  • The major factor will be considered peace and security in the country.