Construction Department

Construction Department is also one of ATVI leading and core departments.

For more information or inquery, please feel free to contact the head of department.

Head of Department :
Abdul Bari Rahimi
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Departmet Profile

The overall Construction department objective is to improve students engineering skills and train them vocationally:
  • Teach theoretically and accommodate it in practice.
  • Improve the knowledge of students in construction field (building construction, architecture, road construction, surveying, water Supply.
  • We will try to pave the ground for testing of several materials in laboratory.
  • Construction department are trying to pave the ground for students to work practically in different kinds of shops.
  • Develop student practical skills in masonry shop, metal shop, plumbing shop, carpentry shop and electric shop .

The construction department is a major department in ATVI. The importance of this department has a direct relationship with importance of this field in our country because we need this field urgently. We need to train vocational people for rehabilitation of our country. A country needs standard structures for the life of peoples, drainage sewerage system, highway and so on. For these facilities we need vocational people because we lost everything in the ongoing war. Vocational people play a key role. Training of vocational people indicates the significance of this department. Construction Department tries to build infrastructure for Afghanistan.


  1. Modern Laboratory: A Laboratory is available for testing of several kinds of materials in soil mechanics and other practical activity lessons.
  2. Workshops (masonry, metal, plumbing, electrical, carpentry): Students learn theoretical lessons and apply them in the shops practice.
  3. Projector and LCDs: Projector and LCDs are available for better teaching and understanding theoretical lessons and apply them in the workshops. every class and the instructors can show technical videos for students using LCDs.
  4. Updated teaching materials: ATVI tries to update its lessons by professional faculty and use modern teaching methods.
  5. Modern library: A Library is available for students to further their knowledge in the related field of education.
Others: Other facilities are also available in this educational institution for example we have drawing classes and equipment for surveying .


First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Physics-I Physics-II Soil mechanics Construction Planning
Math-I Math-II Fluid mechanics Structure
Intro-to-workshops Practical work in shops English English
English-I English-II Civics Education Auto CAD
Survey-I Survey-II Transportation Mapping
Civic Education Civic Education Construction Management Transportation
Construction materials Construction technology Strength of Material Water Supply
Drawing Construction Drawing Shops Civics Education
Computer-I Statics   Work Shops

Future Plans

We have both future plans for students and faculty. For students laboratory is necessary to test several materials, shops are also necessary. Construction Department has plan to promote workshops practical works. Construction Department tries to pave the ground for students to visit sites during construction projects. Revision of curriculum is also under consideration. The head of department has decided to create an opportunity for faculties to attend a seminar for faculty capacity development. Construction Department tries to hold courses for students as well.

For testing materials in laboratory US army corps helped ATVI in establishing of a modern laboratory . Vocational people can help us in workshops in the future. We will train shop instructors for conducting effective practical works. For capacity building of faculty Construction Department convenes part time training courses. Construction Department will hold part time courses for weak students. Construction Department will provide an opportunity for students to visit sites during construction projects and activities.

s mentioned above for implementation of construction department future plan strong support of ATVI senior management is needed. Active faculty is an asset for construction department and can take active part in our plan implementation. Hard working students can also be considered an important aspect for our achievements. Revising curriculum helps us in better teaching.