Civics Department

Civics Department is one of supporting departments for all core departments of ATVI.

For more information or inquery, please feel free to contact the head of department.

Head of Department :
Mohammad Asghar Wakili
Mobile Number :
(+93)- - -
Email Address :
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Departmet Profile

Objectives of the department:
  • Justification of the students to the high Islamic culture.
  • Sustainable Development studies and mental and intellectual skills of the students.
  • Giving self- confidence and psychological confidence to the students.
  • Reforming students ideas and their beliefs.
  • Cultivating goodness and civility in our society
  • Training a good generation with sound soul and healthy spirit
  • Boost students’ awareness of human and civil rights

The importance of civics derives its value and strength from its name that teaches us and the students the key values of how to live a nice life. Civics introduces vital disciplines like good character, social responsibilities and tasks, human rights, honesty and good will. We also guide our students in other domains of life to make their life comfortable that is to lead a peaceful and prestigious life. Teaching civic education opens a window of opportunity for the human betterment and maintaining social relationship amongst human beings and establishes a spirit of cooperation in a society and obtains Almighty Allah’s consent.

Civics department is a very important department in (ATVI). This department is equipped with modern electronic library having huge amount of stuff on civics that makes vast opportunities to scholars and majors to do research in their respective field of study. Thanks to cooperation of the institute directorate. Lectures are delivered to students with updated materials. When it comes to guiding the students in their individual communal and cultural domains of life, simply we stand out. Furthermore, we have five teachers who are serving multiple departments of (ATVI).


  1. Explainations of Religious and psychological issues of students: The students who are studying in ATVI have different ages, sometimes they may have different questions such as legal, ethical, social and for spouse choice and so on. The Islamic Civics department teachers are kind enough to answer their questions and guide them to do virtue.
  2. Introducing References & Sources: For the students to do their homework assignments and develop the capacity of students, teachers usually introduce them different sources and references. There are two kinds of information sources that are usually given to the students: soft texts and hard copy of supplemental materials.
  3. Seminars: Civic education department sometimes invites external instructors, the ones from other relevant institutions to deliver lectures by convening seminars and conferences.
  4. Useful advice: The above mentioned department offers useful information and advice to students and answer their questions about jurisprudence and legal ethics, and other helpful civic issues.
  5. Facilities for Study: Providing students with electronic and printed books prepares them for incentive awards.


Civic Education Department educates the students on Islamic beliefs in all of the four semesters in all major departments. These courses are taught twice a week.
  • In the first semester generally Principles of Islamic Beliefs that are the unity of God Almighty are taught.
  • In the second semester of the program the reasons, history and duty of the messengers of Allah are taught in detail.
  • In the third semester the principles regarding the best Islamic attitude of an individual, that is good behavior, honesty and other human intellectual values are taught.
  • In the fourth semester of our program the best ways family establishment, family and social relations and solution of social problems are taught from the Islamic viewpoint and within Islamic laws.
First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Importance of Civics
Islam and its importance
belief in the existence of Allah
sign of Allah’s greatness in Universe
Taw heed and its types: Confirming the Oneness of Allah. It is the basis of Islam.
Shirk and its types
Believe in Angels
faith in the holy scriptures
Faith in Prophets
Faith in the Last Day
Faith in fate: life after the death
customs and Islamic Ethics
Mores of speaking
Patience and its position in Islam
Joining Relation.
Virtue and Piety
Deadly sin
Social System of Islam
Characteristics of the Islamic community
Business in Islam
human dignity
Family system in Islam.
Human rights in Islam
The science
Recognize the rights of others

Future Plans

Islamic Civics department decided to apply some following plans for developing its curriculum in the Future.

  • Design and print the books of civics subject like a text book to be usable for the other educational organs
  • Solidarity and helping the sections of civics department in the other branches of ATVI .
  • Holding the conferences and workshops to develop the talent of students
  • Develop the relationship between Civics department and other educational and Research centers
  • Preparing presentations for teaching

At the next time, all of civics education books will be accessible for all of students after finishing its design and printing. In the other side we are working hard and quick to make some Islamic, educational and cultural slides to be useful for the students and people out of institute. It is to be mentioned that 80% of the assigned mission is accomplished and there is no difficulty in its completion.

The factors which will help us in implementing our plans

  • All facilities are provided by the Leadership of Institute and the Civics Department will try to use this facility to achieve their aims and to realized its goals from this regard. /li>
  • Earn the students' opinions about the various activities of department and it’s evaluation
  • Hold consultation meetings with instructors to use the new methods of teaching.
  • Participation in the seminars and workshops to develop relevant skills.