Business Management Department

Business Management is also one of ATVI leading and core departments.

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Head of Department :
Hikmatullah Wahidi
Mobile Number :
(+93)- - -
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Departmet Profile

To train young and mature professionals with high potential in the area of business management, to produce motivated, qualified and flexible professional managers and management experts who will have developed:
  • Familiarity with wide-ranging management skills and operating techniques.
  • The capacity and confidence in assessing and analyzing complex problems and in making vital managerial decisions.
  • The ability to deal with sensitive business matters rationally, diligently and in a convincing fashion.
  • The overall mastery of skills and conceptual frameworks that will enhance their capacity in dealing with complex and dynamic business environment and an appreciation and understanding of practical approaches of management knowledge.
  • To achieve a position of national leadership in the study of entrepreneurship by actively being involved in teaching, research, and consultancy, and rendering professional services to the society at large.
  • To train and develop young management professionals in order to ensure continuity in the management cadre and diffusion of knowledge in both the private and public sectors.
  • To promote strong links with the institutional capacities representing the broad economic sectors in general and the business community in particular.

You can be a self-taught business mogul if you work hard enough, but you cannot deny the fact that you would be better able to handle the challenges of the business world if you equip yourself with the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

A business management program will give you an extensive knowledge about various aspects of business. It helps you to understand various managerial tools and techniques to improve your skills which are required at today’s market.
Business management is understanding the inter-link of different functions and business cycles and how your each role plays an important role in growth of any business.
Business functions as creating wealth among the people, creating jobs, bringing changes, advancements in new technologies and products, providing customer satisfaction, economic growth, etc. where all these can be possible by attaining proper business knowledge.

Our department is different!
Almost all our lecturers have completed at least bachelor degrees in reputed colleges and universities from foreign countries. This fresh blood is seeking hard for any betterment which can take place through our teaching process. They develop new ideas and bring innovative thoughts. The curriculum is being updated continuously based on the requirements and changes in the market. The idea behind teaching is not only providing a competent graduate but also placing them into proper jobs through job placements department.
The students are provided both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. They are better aware of the competitive market and they are well trained for to take the challenges and tackle the problem more effectively with the learnt knowledge and skills they have.


  1. Computer Lab: Equipped with 20 of up to date desktop computers and a huge multimedia screen for the practical usage of theoretical lessons
  2. English Lab: A Spacious room equipped with audio and video multimedia tools, which helps students learn more efficient and effectively.
  3. Library: The usage of reference books and internet facility is provided in calm and quiet environment.
  4. Multimedia teaching: The students can visit the clinic 24/7 to consult the doctor and get a free medication.
  5. ICDL Certification: Providing training and test center of ICDL
Other: The availability of hostel both for boys and girls is available for those who are from the distant provinces of Afghanistan. For better health care we do provide potable water. Security cameras are installed in all classrooms and corridor for the purpose of better control. The learning takes place ingreen environment, huge campus and spacious classrooms.


First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Introduction to Management Financial Accounting-I Financial Accounting II Entrepreneurial Development
Introduction to Business Marketing Management Human Resource Management Cost Accounting
Micro Economics Public Finance Money and Banking Organizational Behavior
Principles of Marketing Macro Economics Business Mathematics Managerial Economics
English English Business Statistics Business Statistics-II
Civic Computer Civic Financial Management
Mathematics Civic Computer Civic
Computer Mathematics English English

Future Plans

Our Future Plan is:
  • To bring improvement and innovation in the teaching techniques and lesson materials.
  • Boost privatization and make this the decade of the entrepreneur.
  • Familiarity with wide-ranging management skills and operating techniques.
  • The ability to deal with sensitive business matters rationally, diligently and in a convincing fashion.

The implementation plan for the above plan is described below:

  1. It will be achieved by the means of training of lecturers by the department and ATVI experts regarding the update teaching techniques.
  2. Help in starting small and medium-sized businesses through better business training by the instructors and creating a more entrepreneurial culture among the students.
  3. Providing training to the trainees and assembling them with new and up to date technology, and teaching them operative techniques in different areas of production and operation in order to manage the complicated processes diligently and successfully
  4. The training in our Institute will give participants an understanding of the legal requirements relating to sensitive issues at work .Clear, practical advice and guidance on managing sensitive issues in work place will help the trainees to handle difficult situations.

The factors that can help us are:
Equipping library with more books:We require more and different number of books, written by both foreign and Afghan writers regarding business management. The current status of library does not satisfy this need.
Internet Facility for Students: For performing better projects and assignments, the students require a computer lab which is connected by internet connection. However, the current number of computers which are connected by internet is only two placed in the library.
Multimedia Tools: We require either projectors or bigger digital screens in all our classrooms.
Updating the Study Tools: The tools which are used for teaching purposes are needed to be renewed after their useful life such as whiteboards.
Company Visit: For better expanding of knowledge we require to arrange visits to various manufacturing/processing companies which currently operates in the country.