AutoMotive Department

AutoMotive Department aim is to train student technically in Vehicles and Cars.

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Head of Department :
Noor Rahman
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Departmet Profile

Upon successful completion of the two year period of Automotive Department the students will be able to understand the following automotive major Systems:
  • Auto Structure.
  • Automotive Engines.
  • Electricity and Electronic systems.
  • EFI Electronic Fuel Injection.
  • Manual and Automatic transmissions and Transaxles.
  • Emission control system.
  • Suspension system of automotives.
  • Using of Scan tool for Computerized Diagnostics.

As we are all aware that the automotive industry has top importance in the entire world especially in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan has only land transportation that is very economical and easy. So the automotive technology is developed uniquely, the today’s automotives are designed with very high electronic and computerized systems that sense all the operating parts by special sensors and operate that systems by special actuators, and all of the sensors and actuators are controlled by central computer, so for diagnostics and repair of this kind automotives the professional and skilled technicians and engineers who can operate the computer diagnostics are required. Our country also exploits those kinds of automotives, For the maintenance and diagnostic of those vehicles we have to train skilled technician to promote the maintenance and diagnostics process of new technology automotives, also they can play a key role in today’s Afghanistan market, the ATVI is the only educational institute that trains skilled and vocational persons since its establishment.

The automotive department is now in good state. Tthis department is blessed with experienced and professional instructors, wide and modern workshop for practical work, modern and computerized vehicle diagnostic tools and programs and lecture notes for subject materials. All the instructors vie to train the students according to the new technology. The automotive department workshop is dressed with high technology tools and equipment for practical work and for the training of students. Likewise, we have computerized diagnostic tools which are used for diagnostic of modern vehicles, availability of which is a must.

The Automotive Department of ATVI is one of the modern technological and computerized vehicles training department in Afghanistan training students according to state of the art technology of vehicles. This department has updated instruction materials and methods, experienced and professional instructors and vehicle diagnostics computerized system, so the students who are graduated and will be graduating from this Department are the top technical and professional workforce in the field of automotive technology in Afghanistan. These facilities are not available in other institutions.


  1. Lecture Notes: Our department’s instructors provid updated lecture notes for every subject.
  2. Presentations: We provided presentations for instruction that are very effected for training.
  3. Computerized Diagnostics: We provide computerized diagnostics system for better training of students. /li>
  4. Automotive Workshop: We have all facilities for practical work in the workshop.
  5. Technical Videos: For better training sometimes we show the subject related videos.
Other: Practical work for automotive field is very effective so we attempt to provide safe area in the automotive workshop, where the students can work practically. We also have various types of practical work tools and equipment as well as computerized tools so that the students work practically during their hands- on training period according to the curriculum.


First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Civic Education Civic Education-II Civic Education-III Civic Education IV
Engineering Drawing Physic-II Automatic Transmission Brake & Suspension
Physic-I Mathematics-II Metallurgy Emission Control System
Engine-I Engine-II Electronics EFI-II Electronic Fuel Injection and Scan tool
Mathematics-I English-II EFI-I Electronic Fuel Injection & Scan Tool English-IV
English-I Vehicle Electricity Computer-III Computer-IV
Workshop Tools & Equipments Manual Power Transmission Engine-III Auto Repair
Computer-I Computer-II English-III

Future Plans

  • Revision and upgrading the curriculum based on needs and market demand of new technology Automotives.
  • Providing updated teaching materials.
  • Vehicle maintenance and diagnostics Computer programs.
  • Computerized Diagnostics for OBDI and ODBII Vehicles.
  • Standard Maintenance Programs.
  • Providing of a modern business workshop for ATV.

For implementation of our academic plan, the automotive department’s instructors are responsible to work hard to provide teaching materials, updated lecture notes and training methods, providing textbooks. ATVI Leadership can help our department for implementation of our practical plan. ATVI Leadership will also have effective role in supporting the workshop financially. The managing and promotion of the mentioned workshop will be the responsibilities of Automotive Department’s instructors.
The following factors will be helping us:

Supporting the Department financially in the first stage of providing business workshop.
Hiring experienced automotive technicians for business workshop.
Providing necessary tools and equipment for business workshop.
Providing workshop sites in the city.
Assist the department to provide vehicles maintenance contracts with other firms.