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ATVI ICT Departement

Funds generated from the ICT services will be used to aid ATVI in its goal of becoming a self sustaining institute

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ATVI Construction Departement

ATVI created its Construction Trades course in order to train and supply a skilled construction-based workforce

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Business Managment Departement

Business Management designed a course in accordance with the current requirements of the economy and society

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ATVI Horticulture Departement

Harness the best agricultural research available, and provide coursework over a four semester program for its students

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ATVI AutoMotive Department

Currently, 1.4% of the Afghan population owns a vehicle, a number that is projected to grow to 4% of the population by 2015


ATVI's Academic Programs encompass the fields of ICT, Automotive Systems Technology, Agriculture, and Construction Trades. These skill areas have been identified by the Afghanistan Government and by international organizations as essential to future economic development.

The objective of ATVI's managerial focused training is for students who successfully complete the coursework to be qualified to act as entry to mid-level managers in their respective trades. Coursework in each program consists of four semesters of ten weeks, with a two-week break between semesters. Class days run six days per week, with days off for occasional long weekends and holidays. Because of the length of each class day, the managerial curriculum progresses two equivalent academic years of training in one calendar year. All training consists of a combination of lecture, and hands-on practice, with some time allocated for external study (homework or project assignments).

ICT Training, Automotive System Technology, Agriculture, and Construction Trades training courses are delivered over four semesters. Target course sizes are 15 students, roughly evenly balanced by gender in the ICT sector and predominately male in the other horticulture, construction trades, and automotive maintenance. Curriculum during the first year of training is a combination of core courses and major specific courses. Two years curriculum is based completely on each individual program of study.