ATVI is proven vocational technical Institute model of education with a successful track record.
  • Afghanistan is importing thousands of foreign skilled laborers each year.
  • Many Afghans are unable to find employment because they lack employment skills for current economy.
  • One engineer needs 40 skilled employees in order to implement 1 design.
  • Women continue to lag far behind men in the skilled labor market in terms of numbers and opportunities.
  • A large number of young men in rural areas are joining Armed Opposition Groups because they do not have access to employment education.
  • Heroin addiction among rural men / women is becoming significant problem in part because of lack of employment opportunities.
  • There is currently no other market demand driven two year technical vocational training/education program in Afghanistan.
  • There is no vocational technical teacher training college in the country.
  • In April 2009, over 10,000 applications for ATVI placement competed for the 1300 scholarships we could afford to offer.